a robot powered by your imagination!

Why is Andy special?


The Smartphone rich display enables andy to express his emotions vividly. He is typically very friendly but can get very emotional if you don't play with him!


With the camera, Andy can behave as your personal spybot! When Andy does not need to save the world, you can use him in telepresence mode.

Intertial Sensors

Andy is equipped with many sensors with which he can detect forces, navigational fields. More sensors make Andy capable of doing many cool things!

3G Enabled

Andy can communicate over 3G network over voice or data. How many robots can really do that?


You can program Andy to never get lost! He can use the GPS module on the Smartphone and other mapping apps to find his way home!


Andy loves interaction! You can tickle his nose, pat his head or poke his eye using the touch screen!


Andy can communicate with various devices over bluetooth or wireless making him really a well networked bot!


Andy can interact with his surroundings with sound too! It can make various sounds to alert you or simply tell you when he is bored!


As Andy's master, you can easily program Andy to use the powerful Smartphone processor to solve tricky robotic problems.

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